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I was introduced to programming while in grad school and I was hooked. Four years later, I am a software engineer currently focused on full-stack web development. I recently developed and deployed Nautilus, an Electron desktop application built with React and D3 that visualizes a Docker Compose instance.

Currently, I'm working as a Full-Stack Web Developer for Green Street, a firm providing commercial real estate research, analytics, and most recently, news via a comprehensive web application. Our tech stack includes:

  • Laravel, a PHP web application framework.
  • Vue and Vuex for the frontend
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • Webpack
  • Python and Node.js for internal applications

This website functions as my personal portfolio and an archive of musings as I continue growing as an engineer--always learning, problem solving, and evolving in accord with the ever changing landscape of web technology. See the code behind the site here.

What I'm Learning

Here's a few things that I am currently learning...

  • Amazon Lambda and serverless computing--to be used in a simple notification application I'm building.
  • Critical Theory and how it speaks to race relations in America today.