by joshua david nordstrom2020-05-27

As a programmer, my mind always has a running to do list. The items on the list can be small such as adding a new feature to a project I'm currently working on. Or large such as learning a new programming language. They can be iterations on past creations or ideas for new creations. Sometimes they are areas of programming that I want to study or books that I want to read.

Whatever the items, keeping them in my mind causes them to get jumbled. As an exercise, I've decided every so often to write my current to do list here.

  1. Add an RSS feed for the writings section of this website.

  2. Start consuming RSS feeds by setting up a feed reader and curating choice content from other sites.

  3. Write about my journey to becoming a programmer.

  4. Add a dark mode to this website.

  5. Implement prev and next buttons for easier navigation through writings.

  6. Read The Practice of Programming by Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike.

  7. Build a CRUD application in PHP.

  8. Create something with Vue in order to learn the framework.

  9. Install Deno and experiment around with it.